Darul Hikma

Knowledge and wisdom are the two important features that mark the intelligence of a society .Protection demands for sharper and a very accurate knowledge. Darul Hikma is envisaged with such insights that make it capable of restoring the lost intellectual excellence through resurrection methods duly extracted from the history. Darul Hikma has already started operating across 4 different areas


This is a course designed to mould a pool of experts who comprehend the genuine path of Islam and capable to propagate the thoughts and ideologies of Ahlussunna effectively by utilizing all available scientific means. All essential faculties and qualitative facilities have been offered to forty (40) students who are being selected on yearly basis through an entrance test.


Through Risala Course, CSE aims to create a cluster of ideal scholars with adequate depth of knowledge in preaching the rational beauty and stability of Islamic ideology. The human resources prepared through Risala should be flourished with vast knowledge in introducing our religion with its true spirit to others and will be are further capable in defending Islam when challenged by enemies. 30 students are being admitted to this course. Risala facilitates deep studies about Islam for the newcomers as well.


Bidaya is a course specially designed for transforming basic religious knowledge to about 3 million brothers, hailing from other states of Inndia who are currently working in Kerala. CSE conducts this course directly whenever a batch of 40 learners is formed. The course has been already started while CSE aims to extend this facility to more centers by end of 2016.


This is a system designed to solve the jurisprudential issues and doubts which have been a matter of concern in the day to day life of a Muslim by providing proper clarifications and remedies with the support of valid proofs from authentic sources.