Welcome to HADIA Centre for Social Excellence

HADIA (Hudawis Association for Devoted Islamic Activities) is the Alumni association of the graduates from Darul Huda Islamic University, one of the leading Islamic Institutions in India. The head office of HADIA is located at Darul Huda Campus, Chemmad, Malappuram Dist, Kerala. HADIA conducts all its activities through its various chapters formed at national & international levels. The members of HADIA are now spread all over the globe, discharging their contribution in the field of teaching, social service, research etc, amidst of which they are engaged in fulfilling their obligation of ‘Da’wath’, the holy everlasting mission of Darul Huda Islamic University. Presently, there are 1690 members registered under HADIA. By the grace of Allah and through sincere efforts made by both resident and expatriate members, HADIA could initiate several new ventures in the field of Da’wath. Darul Huda Islamic University and its well wishers are always extending their full support and cooperation to HADIA in order to accomplish all its objectives. The National Madrasa Project, duly started 5 years ago to promote effective madrasa system outside Kerala is one of the prime activities of HADIA. Though this project was initially opened in Andra Pradesh, now the project has been introduced to other states with a considerable reach to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Assam and Jammu & Kashmir. Being a very challenging venture and to ensure smooth running of this project, HADIA has delegated 8 coordinators who take forward this mission and monitor the day to day activities of the National Madrasa Project in a very systematic way. Another important step taken by HADIA is the formation of Centre for Social Excellence (“CSE”), the dream project designed for promoting social excellence and holistic empowerment of the society. We do expect continuous support and excellent cooperation from all of you for each and every service being rendered by HADIA. Nevertheless to say, we would appreciate always your timely suggestions and prompt comments on our projects

CSE an Overview

Centre for Social Excellence (“CSE”) was officially formed and inaugurated on 28/03/2015. CSE is run by the Alumni of Darul Huda Islamic University namely HADIA (Hudawis Association for Devoted Islamic Activities).

The intention behind the formation of the CSE is that to have an independent platform for smoothly carrying out various services and activities proposed by HADIA from time to time. CSE will be acting as the centre of coordination for most of the activities under HADIA.

Our typical clients are the individuals from the global community who seek any assistance or benevolence from the services being provided by CSE and we do our best to provide them with the products and services they need in a very efficient and professional way.

CSE is a prominent centre established for the purpose of redemption of the lost moral and social values, the much needed reawakening at cultural, educational and intellectual levels and designing of acceptable alternatives.

The fundamental concerns of CSE at this stage are to make various studies and researches about the Society or various social groups, to make timely interventions in medias, to introduce classical religious texts in various languages, to spot light the backdrops of educational legacy of Kerala Muslims, to initiate an effective empowerment of the backward minorities and to improve the psychic status of both the individuals and families so that a healthy social atmosphere could be created.

We believe in "mutual success." We build mutually beneficial professional alliances with our clients, audience, well wishers and our employees that help all to grow and prosper.

Our main office is located at Panakkad, Malappuram Dt, Kerala, India and we plan to have satellite offices for CSE in future in various parts of the world . From all of our locations, we want to provide high level service, assistance, and benevolence to humankind.