The Central for Social Excellence is a promising, multi-purpose and result-orient project initiated by HADIA, the Alumni association of Darul Huda Islamic University. The Centre envisions to global centre known for intellectual leadership and committed for holistic empowerment of the Society. It aims at empowering the contemporary society by mobilizing resources and taking initiatives that promote educational, economic and intellectual growth and by ensuring social integration through innovative means.

The strength and wealth of the CSE is 2000+ committed scholars, educated at higher levels both in religious and secular knowledge,  and active in as diverse fields as religious leadership, teaching, academic research, social service, journalism, Public Relation, Administration, and etc, at home and abroad. The CSE link this diverse and highly qualified human resource with other available human and other resources to perceive, plan and implement programs and projects aimed at development, empowerment and capacity building of the society in general, and the minority Muslim community in particular.

The CSE understands that Muslim community in India is in dire need to empower themselves, excel in education and career, and transform internally in to a productive, creative and contributing community focused in nation building and community development, standing at par with all other communities. The CSE can help the community initiate multi-faceted creative projects to empower their lot, in addition to help the government reach its diverse education and social welfare programs to the grassroots level.

The CSE, head-quartered in Malappuram district of Kerala, has already initiated different projects under seven Departments, namely, 1. Dar ul-Hikma or the House of Wisdom, 2. Book Plus, 3. Media Line, 4. Institution Empowerment, 5. Resource Hub, 6. Socio Psycho Clinic and 6. Research Wing.

Below are a few of interesting projects started under CSE,

  1. Model Village Project, aimed at gradual total transformation of the village in all spheres of social development. Programs under this project include, School Enrolment, Zero Dropout Campaign, Personalised Mentoring, Tuitions, Career & Education Guidance, Counselling, Pre and Post Marital Awareness classes, Parenting, Sessions on Personality Development, Hygiene, Health, etc, Help Desks for Employment, Government schemes etc,.
  2. MAP India project, aimed at identifying meritorious and skilled students at secondary level, mentor them, realize their multiple skills through Differential Aptitude identification tests, and follow them until they reach higher levels in the fields of their interest.
  3. National Education Council, aimed at initiating various projects and programs aimed at education from primary to university levels
  4. Women Empowerment through Education, there online and offline courses designed and conducted by CSE aimed at empowering women spiritually and socially
  5. Bidaya, or Basic Awareness Program is the one aimed at sensitizing Kerala’s millions of migrant workers, a two-third of whom are Muslims hailing mostly from Bihar, Bengal and Assam, on a host of issues from religion, public life, Socio-family life, health, crimes, hygiene, in addition to their responsibility to contribute in transforming their native places for the better
  6. Media School is aimed at nurturing skilled and resourceful journalists committed to social development, communal harmony, and positive media use. The CSE, using the expertise of its 20+ journalist alumni who are working in national and region print and visual media, conducts media courses for talented and potential journalists.


The spread of modern education and the expansion of science and technology especially in the field of media and communication have brought drastic changes to human life. These transformations call for a more sophisticated strategy and framework to salvage human culture and civilization. Only those who are acquainted with the emergent culture and the aspirations of the new generation, equipped with modern techniques can address the questions posed by such transformations. It was with the aim of producing such a breed of scholars, a group of visionaries in Kerala founded Darul Huda Islamic Academy. By providing training in traditional Islamic scholarship and education in modern sciences, Darul Huda is producing a new generation of Islamic scholars who are able to take up various responsibilities in the society. Consequently, Daraul Huda has been hailed as a new model of education throughout the Indian subcontinent and in Kerala in particular. The Alumni of the graduates from Darul Huda is know as HADIA.